Who is she?

You may know me as Krista, or the Spiritual Siren. We may have met in the Twitter streets, way back, when 140 characters was the cap, or on YouTube while you were searching for a sign, or maybe this is our first interaction. In that case, welcome to my little corner of the Universe!


I, like many of you, am on a long journey home to my truest self; and along the way I tend to have many ground breaking thoughts that seem too big and too bold to keep to myself. So, that's what this space is for. It is a container for all things that feed self-actualization in this life. It is everything that makes me, me.


While I wade through this reality, shedding the projections and collective trauma many of us were forced into carrying, I hope you find solace and reverie in my words. May my ah-ha moments and gut wrenching break throughs make you feel seen in a way you previously thought impossible. I pray you are emboldened through what you witness here and begin to radically choose yourself & trust in something bigger.


Have questions you'd like to see me cover or want to share with me? Drop me a line below xo

Woman in pink stripped shirt, sitting in church pew