Crab Toast Appetizer

A recipe from my beloved Grandmother, this appetizer is ideal for making ahead of time and freezing it until it's time to serve. A decadent, but simple combination of crab, cheese, and english muffins makes this recipe a must try for even the beginner cooks. In the video, I provide instructions for both the oven and the air fryer as well as how to adjust cooking time if you are cooking from room temperature vs frozen. Are you gluten free or dairy free? No problem! I also include substitutions in this video so you can enjoy this snack too. Be prepared to impress your friends or in laws when you them these crab toast bites!

A note about cooking times: When cooking from frozen in the Air Fryer it is 375 for 8 mins and in the oven 375 for 13 mins. In my opinion they don't come out as well cooking from fresh but you can do so by reducing the cook time for both options by 2-3 mins.

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