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In an effort to help those who need it most while also getting rid of what no longer serves me, I created this shop. The items in the shop do not have a price because generosity is rooted in the heart, so you "pay what you feel". 100% of the proceeds of this shop will be going to The Food Project. It is a SW Baltimore non-profit that aids black & brown youth by teaching cooking skills, urban farming, nutrition and more! You can read more about all their work here.

To make a donation exchange purchase, click here to send me an email. In the email please specify which items you would like and your shipping address (continental US only). I will then respond with links to PayPal, CashApp, & Venmo so you may use whichever you prefer. I ask that you please add $3 to your donation to help me cover shipping costs. The rest I will pay out of my pocket.

Dalmatian Jasper
Dalmatian Jasper stone. 2 available.
Raw Lepidolite
Raw Ametrine
Citrine. 1 available
Honey Calcite
Honey Calcite. 2 available.
Blue Calcite
Blue Calcite. 2 available.
Amazonite. 2 available.
Sodalite. 1 available.
Crystal Bundle #1
8 piece mini crystal bundle #1
Crystal Bundle #2
8 piece mini crystal bundle #2
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