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I first came to know Spiritual Siren via her YouTube readings.  Beside her obvious gifts and charisma, what made her stand out to me is she seemed to get better and better.  That's something I rarely saw.  There are only a small handful of readers who challenge themselves the same way.  To up their game and expand our experience.  That alone sets her apart and makes her special.  It demonstrates that she's not static.  She is on a journey too and her mission is to share everything she's learned to help anyone ready to ask for help and receive it.  Spiritual Siren is a reader and a spiritual counselor with integrity and a genuine respect for people and their own individual paths.  When I reached out I had no idea what to expect.  What she intuited and shared with me exceeded my highest hopes.  I haven't been as surprised and blown away by a reading experience in a long time, if ever.  From beginning to end I felt listened to, heard and respected.  I can't stress that enough because respect is key when one is being vulnerable, which most of us seeking answers are.  I would call what I felt in our session a sacred respect.  Namaste. From the moment she connects to her client all her engines are on.  She is serious about her work and getting to the heart of the matter.  She's laser focused, caring, gentle, tough and hella gifted.  I mean it.

There really is no more I can say except you will not be disappointed.  Just say yes and be open to the messages and gifts.  They are offered with nothing short of love.

Maria C


Wow! What a reading! I stumbled upon your YouTube channel and on a whim, booked an appointment...so glad that I did. Thank you for being so clear and supportive. You brought a very personal connection to the reading that was so appreciated. My heart to yours...



When I discovered Spiritual Siren I knew I wanted her to do my first professional reading.  I have always been drawn to her radically truthful way of interpreting spirits messages.  I feel like I have two feet firmly planted into 2018 thanks to her loving no-nonsense guidance.  I am already looking forward to our next reading!


I've been following the Spiritual Siren on YouTube for a few months. She is so right on point. Her delivery is honest and fun. I emailed her through her website and she replied right away. I had a soul spread plus astrology chart reading done and was truly impressed. I was kinda vague and all over the place with the question I wanted answered, but she still was able to bring it!! She's the real deal! Do yourself a solid and contact her.

Danielle V.


Aside from being a thorough and thoughtful reading, the Soul Medicine layout awakened hidden gems of knowledge and truth that will help dissolve blockages hindering my path to healthy relationships. I very much appreciate the time and excellence that was put forth and am excited to see the positive results. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


She is a beautiful soul. I still have to write her about my reading and what it meant to me, but I am recovering from surgery. She is raw, real, and speaks truth even before it happens. I was drawn to her, as an intuitive, and knew she was the person that had to read me. You will not be disappointed unless you have some expectations already in your mind. As the Buddha said "Expectations lead to suffering". So, go into everything with an open mind. I highly recommend her.



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